Hi, I'm Katy. 
A Real Food Advocate, SOLO TRAVELER & COLD BREW Lover. 

Nutrition and wellness was not always my focus, in my younger years body aesthetics and living a full on lifestyle were priorities.  In part I think getting older put the importance of health in perspective, but mainly it was getting sick that has inevitably changed my entire course.

It was 2015.  12 months, 6 emergency trips, two operations and the removal of a health gallbladder later, I decided to change how I approached my own health and wellness.  Until that point I had done what I needed to to heal in the moment.  There was no long term foundation healing, just a symptomatic approach addressing what presented at the time individually.

I remember the moment it changed for me, I recall my specialist saying, "There is nothing else we can do right now, just keep taking your medications and when you get sick again we will readdress".   That was enough for me.  I was not going to live like that, there had to be more I could do.

The more I researched, the more I realised just how important nutrition, mindset and lifestyle really were to your health.  And so I began my healing journey, one that continues today - as the dysfunction was not created overnight, so it makes sense it won't heal overnight. To this day it baffles me that not once was I asked what was I eating, how was I sleeping, what is in my stress bucket, or even how was I doing emotionally.  It was as if the only thing that matters was my level of pain and the presenting symptoms


 Somewhere along this journey I realised that helping others heal was what I needed to do, nothing else felt as right as this did, and besides if I had felt that unwell and been given little guidance through the system surely there are others struggling with their own health.  I didn't set out to become a functional nutritionist but could not imagine not knowing what I know now, and not sharing it to help others.  I think when you find your space it just feels right and you know you are where you are meant to be.  Everything that has transpired before is what has allowed me to be here in front of you, in a position to help you reclaim your own health.  And I am excited.

Work with Me

Consults with me are available in person at my clinic in Ascot or online (phone/Skype), or a combination of the two if that is what works best for you.  To learn more about how to work with me, I offer a complementary discovery call where we can have an informal chat to see what you are seeking and if I am the right fit for you. 


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