Hi, I'm Katy.  I’m a functional nutritionist, a real food advocate and minimalist traveler. 
I’m also someone who had chronic digestive issues, lost a perfectly healthy gallbladder and suffered from years of period problems.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to understand I have been where you are. I understand what it feels like to not be completely healthy. I understand what it is like to have tried what feels like everything and either see no changes or to be told there is nothing wrong (or my favourite…here is ANOTHER pill for that symptom).

Trust me I have been there too.

That is where Nutritional Therapy stepped in. I took back control of my health and now live a life where something going wrong with my health is a rarity not the norm. I got my life back in every sense of the words, and I can’t not share that with you.

My heart lies in working with digestive issues and gut health (given my own story), as well as working with period issue and female hormonal troubles. Oh and anyone in need of making dietary and lifestyle changes , I got you too.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to have a chat, just click the button below. (Or check out my consult options below if you ready to start working together!)

Katy Smith NTP | The Nourished Project

1:1 consults

consults available In Person & Online

+ We offer a range of consultation options, from single consults to customised packages (on request) to give you the best opportunity to achieve optimal health and balance your body back to normal function.
+ Our in person consults are all available from our clinic in Ascot, Brisbane (Australia) and are all by appointment only. Our online consults are all available over Zoom regardless of where you are located. If no appointments are available to suit your timezone, please contact me here to arrange a time that suit you better.
+ Payment plans are available for all consults if required, as we do not want upfront costs to get in the way of improving your health.

initial consult

90 minutes

This is not your run of the mill consult - I want to know EVERYTHING I can to help build a complete picture of you past, present and future health. Don’t expect any generic food plans, this is about understanding WHO you are and WHAT your health needs are. All my consults are 100% tailored to the needs of the individual.

I want to work WITH you to get you the health you deserve.

Investment: $135

follow up

60 minutes - existing clients only

Chances are your digestive issues, or hormonal imbalances didn’t happen overnight. Same is true of the healing process, it takes commitment and time. The more of each of those you give the sooner you won’t need me at all!

The aim is not to see me forever, (just like I don’t put clients on pills for life!) the aim is to support the body back to balance and get it and you doing it all solo.

Investment: $75

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Website design for ntps

Hi, I’m Katy and I’m a tech geek.

After becoming an NTP and starting not one but two businesses in a year I discovered I have a love for the tech side of things and have become well versed in the secrets to setting up a successful website that promotes your services and YOU to your niche market.

Being overwhelmed by tech or not having the time shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting yourself online.  In the last two years I’ve set up multiple websites in the health and wellness space from yoga studios to practitioner sites, and now online stores, and now I want to help you get your biz online! The world needs your services and I want to help you to spread this health message to the world!


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