Initial consult

1 session - 90 minutes approx

This is not your run of the mill consult - I want to know EVERYTHING I can to help build a complete picture of you past, present and future health. Don’t expect any generic food plans, this is about understanding WHO you are and WHAT your health needs are. All our consults are 100% tailored to the needs of the individual. I want to work WITH you to bring your body back to balance.  

+ identification of health concerns & goals
+ review of health history
+ nutritional assessment & analysis
+ food journal evaluation
+ bio-individual nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Investment: $135

Follow up (existing)

1 session - 60 minutes approx

This is for existing clients only to continue to work on their health goals by regularly reassessing the changes in the body and working on the next step in the re balancing process.
I usually look to schedule follow up’s 3-5 weeks apart depending on the protocol and the client (remember its about YOU not a generic template!).

+ review of previous protocol
+ repeat nutritional assessment & analysis
+ functional evaluation of body
+ additional assessments as required
+ updated bio-individual nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

Investment: $75


Not sure if nutritional therapy is right for you? Or unsure if I am the practitioner for you?
I completely get it, money does not grow on trees and consults are not a $5 coffee purchase. I’ve been where you are, desperate to change my health but nervous to outlay more money on what might just be another expensive waste of money. If this sounds like you too, then let’s have a chat and see if what I offer is right for what you want to achieve. And the best part, it is a completely no obligation free chat. No harm in talking right? It is your health after all.