An Open Apology to Fat

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Dear Fat,

For years, in fact for most of my life you have been the villain. 

Something to avoid, something to keep far from my plate, something down right awful. 

Low fat ruled.

It was the dietary dogma of my generation.  And to many a degree it still is.

Low low low Fat.

Eating fat as a choice?  Eating fat to be healthy?

Your kidding right?

Fat makes you Fat. 

At what I once would have deemed my healthiest, I was only 54kg (I'm 5"9) - a lifestyle which involved no dietary fats.

My complete lack of you meant I needed to eat a regular intervals  and was lacking in essential nutrients. 

Eventually I have learnt I need you.  

Avocado. Coconut oil. Nuts. Seeds. 

But I still moderated & limited how much.  Too much of a good thing are still bad right?

With so much focus on you, there was little time to notice the volume or variety of carbohydrates that took over in your absence. 

The right carbs are still better than fat surely?

More than 15 years since health became a focus of my life I have truly uncovered the beauty of Fat and I owe you an apology.  

You are not the cause of heart disease.

You are not the cause of the obesity epidemic.

You are not the cause of diabetes.

You are not the dietary enemy popular media has vilified you as.

You are not the reason people are Fat.

You are satiating. You are mouth watering.

You are brain powering. You are energy producing.

You are life giving. You are nutritious.

You are essential.

Yours in admiration,

Apologetic Fat Avoider

p.s expect a lot more apologies, I think there are many more just like me…

p.p.s thank you for butter. It is life.