The Ultimate Healing Garlic Soup


This is the ultimate healing soup, the garlic packs such a punch you can feel it doing good things to your insides.

Its antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties makes garlic the perfect all-rounder our gut when things feel a bit off.

I make up a big batch of this and keep portions in the freezer for times when my gut feels inflamed or I feel run down and a cold could be creeping up on me.

Trust me, this soup heals.

I adapted this recipe from a Pete Evans one to suit my tastes, and preferences on textures! Enjoy!



3 tbsp coconut oil (or animal fat)
6 cloves garlic (around 40 cloves)
1 onion
1 leek
1 litre bone broth (your choice - I use chicken)
Half head Cauliflower

Plus, to serve
Egg yolk (one per bowl)
Hemp / Macadamia oil (or EVOO)
Macadamia nuts, chopped roughly



+ Melt the coconut oil (animal fat) in a large saucepan over medium heat
+ Add garlic, onion and leek and saute until soft and fragrant (around 5-7 minutes)
+ Add in broth, and cauliflower and leave to simmer for 30 minutes
+ Puree soup with a stick blender (or pour into high powered blender that handles hot liquids!) until desired consistency - I like mine thick but without lumps!
+ Season with salt + pepper to taste

To Serve
+ Reheat over a low heat
+ place egg yolk & oil of your choice (I use hemp or macadamia, but olive works too) and whisk to combine
+ pour soup over, stirring gently to combine & heat the egg (don’t let soup boil or you will curdle the egg, I did this once - it’s not nice!)
+ Sprinkle over the macadamia nuts (or your choice of nut/seed) and parsley to finish

Enjoy the gut healing, immune boosting punch that this soup packs!