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Katy's Simple and Spicy Kimchi

I fell madly in love with this dish when living in Seoul for a month.  I had no expectations of korea before travelling there, and blown away by many things especially the food.

Korean BBQ is next level, and so too is the way meals are served, always with millions of little dishes all over the table and you build your plate.  I love that way of eating. Meals are collaborative, and something to SIT and ENJOY with others, not rush through like we often do.Of all the amazing food, kimchi is the hero to me.  I truly do not understand what I ate before having kimchi in my life.  

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Curried Cauli Kraut

I am seriously in love with all things fermented.  The health benefits of adding those good little microbes to your food is just phenomenal and beyond that THEY TASTE amazing.  And I am all about that.
This cauli ferment came about by accident actually, I had leftover cauli from a dinner and knew I would never get to eat it during the week - so let’s ferment!

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Slow Cooked Apple Cider Chicken

This is one of those perfect set it and forget it meals that became a go to in my house, even when it was just me eating it as the leftover chicken was perfect for lunches for the coming days. 
The best part of using a whole bird is you have all the left over bones to pop back in the slow cooker add some leftover veggies and water and make your own stock - all from nothing.  Talk about no waste living. 

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