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Simple Steps to Fermenting Vegetables

I honestly have no idea what I did before I discovered fermented foods.  They are such a staple in my diet, I cannot imagine excluding them! Fermented vegetables are the product of lacto-fermentation which is simply a method of food preservation that actually increases the nutrients within that food.  Cool huh? The creation of the bacteria results in the minerals inside fermented foods becoming more bio-available to the human body, and on top of that the bacteria produces enzymes that aid digestion.  

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Curried Cauli Kraut

I am seriously in love with all things fermented.  The health benefits of adding those good little microbes to your food is just phenomenal and beyond that THEY TASTE amazing.  And I am all about that.
This cauli ferment came about by accident actually, I had leftover cauli from a dinner and knew I would never get to eat it during the week - so let’s ferment!

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