Your mind, body & soul.

We are made up of complex systems that uniquely bind together to create our body, mind and our soul - no one of us is the same to another.  You are undeniably unique. 

The Nourished project focuses on harnessing that uniqueness to establish the blueprint that your body, your mind and your soul needs to achieve optimal health and wellness.  No one size fits all here. 

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A functional nutrition approach focuses on restoring your body to its natural balance through adopting a bio-individual evidence based method to formulate dietary and lifestyle changes.  No one of us is the same and therefore neither is the process for healing, and optimal health. 

I  offer a nutrient dense whole food paradigm as the base for my clients as we work together to resolve identified health concerns.   Emphasis is placed on learning your entire story, health concerns, dietary & lifestyle behaviours, as I believe nothing acts in isolation and must be looked at as a whole. 

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