My unedited, perfectly imperfect 'My Story'.


If I told you how many times I have started this post, only to get stuck, only to doubt myself, only to cross every word out – you would not believe me.

I am sure I am not alone.  We constantly place such pressure on ourselves, pressure to do everything right.  Pressure to launch a successful business, pressure to write the perfect about me post, pressure to create impressions that are positive.  It’s a real problem.

Finding myself writing two sentences only to delete three over a period of weeks I came to realise there is no right way, there is no perfect intro post.  There is only my story, and my story told however comes naturally.  So here goes…

I’m Katy.

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, I have now lived in sunny Brisbane for the last 3 years, and in the last year have called it home. Not particularly interesting I know – but there is a reason behind telling you this.  This was a move that marked the end of a chapter of my life that saw great achievements constantly entwined with self-destructive behaviours and addictions (more on that another day).  Three years ago, I arrived here to start a new chapter, and for three months I began that journey.

Then I got sick.
And not like cold sick.  I got really sick.

Collapsing at a concert out of nowhere I ended up in emergency without a clue what was wrong, without my family and understandably scared.  I ended up being diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, not something I’d ever heard of let alone something I expected, and to add to it there was no reason why. It was a mystery – so my doctors said.
Over the next 12 months, I was rushed to emergency 6 times, had two operations (one of which removed my perfectly healthy gallbladder – more on that when we talk about the importance of them!) and far too many medications for my liking.

So much for starting a great new chapter, right? But what can you do? You get by, or at least you try too.  And that is what I did, I existed between extended stays in hospital, periods of recovery and times where I would try and be normal and have fun or god forbid have some semblance of a life.

Eventually, it came to light I had pancreatic divism (where my pancreatic ducts never fused in-utero), however I was subsequently told that the medical community was divided that this genetic abnormality could even cause pancreatitis (despite all other causes being ruled out).  There was a surgical option on the table, but this was taken away as at 28 I was deemed too young and too healthy (trust me I was not healthy) for the risks involved.  I am grateful now that I did not get operated on again, but at the time to be told they will not “fix” you, we will just see you next time you sick and manage it then, was enough for me.

That’s when I decided there is more to this – there has got to be.  This is not my life for good. No f***king way.

So, I stopped taking all my medications (and my medications that were for the symptoms of the first medications) and overhauled my entire diet and lifestyle.  The changes were so drastic, I looked and felt more myself than I could remember and any Frank (what my dodgy pancreas became known as) related pain was manageable and not a one-way ticket in the ambulance.

A year after my move on what would actually become my last visit to the hospital (touch wood), I made a promise to myself that I would do everything I can to continue to rebuild my health naturally.  I was determined to not lose another year to ambulance excursions, even if I did end up with a date from one!!

Now I know this next bit might sound completely cliché but getting sick changes a person.  I started to see the world differently, my priorities changed, and I realised that there was no more ‘if only’ or ‘one day’ for me. 
The time is now.
While I was living my healthiest life to date, I was single and about to turn 30 and had just lost the last year of my twenties to the dysfunction in my body.
What does a girl do?
She packs up everything (which is not much anyway) and goes travelling solo.
Scary? Yup, a little.
Amazing? Absolutely.
Life Changing? There is not even a word that can explain just how much this is true.

It was this experience and the phenomenal people I met (and now call my good friends) who showed me what I was passionate about, and more so that I could not just dare to dream but that I could actually do it.   A year later, and I’ve settled in Brisbane, I’ve studied and graduated as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and have recently just founded The Nourished Project.  The foundation of which is to balance the body back to optimal functioning through nutrient dense whole food diets, I am living proof this works and I cannot wait to support others towards their health goals.

My health journey is more than just the physical, for me it has been a psychological one too, and is a journey that will continue for I believe that we should always be growing, changing and learning.   Lately someone told me I have changed, and while my initial instinct was to be slightly offended, I mean changed from what? Changed how? But then I realised I was proud that I had, regardless of that person’s context.  I do not want to be the same as I was ten, five or even 2 years ago.  Nor do I want to be the same as today in the coming years and decades.  I want to grow, evolve and follow my heart into the world of functional nutrition and healing.  We don’t build our dream reality by not changing.

I am beyond excited (and incredibly terrified) to share all things health, food and life that I have learnt along the way, (and those that I wish I had known) with you all.  If you are interested in learning more about how I work with clients, send me a message and we can have a chat about what you need and whether I am a good fit to support you.

Wow, I can’t believe I made it to the end.  So, that is my story as to how and why I got here and am writing to you. This is the completely unedited for perfection version (minus grammar corrections – I’m too OCD to leave those in!!)
It is me, being well ME.
It might not be perfect, but there is no such thing anyway.

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Katy x

Me in Berlin, on the trip where the idea to work towards opening The Nourished Project was born.

Me in Berlin, on the trip where the idea to work towards opening The Nourished Project was born.