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How I Traveled With Only 5kg and why you should too

Recently I have gotten pretty serious about reducing not only my single plastic use but my entire waste foot print on the planet.  Becoming more minimalistic seems to be a natural progression of living more consciously.  I realise I have a long way to go in my home life to be a minimalist but for me travelling as one is the perfect foray into to realising what I really need.

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The 32 things I didn’t understand before.

Don’t worry thirty is the new twenty.  
Don’t worry life actually only begins at thirty.  Don’t worry, your still young. 
At thirty I heard all the goodies.   I even remember buying into some of these thought patterns, anxious about turning the page on a decade, and reassuring myself that thirty was not downhill so to speak.  The thing is - none of these things ring true to me and none of them allow us to own the pasts role in our present identity.  

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My Not So Empty Nest

I am 31. 
I am single. 
I am childless.
Enter your best cliches or stereotype here. 

While my closest friends have had children for practically a decade now, I have remained just me. Sure there have been relationships, some better left behind in my twenties and a few that were real love and who remain in my heart. 

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How much time is your health worth?

Delayed gratification is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you actually have to wait for something.  If you want something people just go and get it.
The fast and packaged food industry does this to the extreme. The internet & online shopping world brings things closer than ever before.  The pace of modern life is fast, and what are you if your not busy? Like are you even doing anything?

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My unedited, perfectly imperfect 'My Story'.

My health journey is more than just the physical, for me it has been a psychological one too, and is a journey that will continue for I believe that we should always be growing, changing and learning.   Lately someone told me I have changed, and while my initial instinct was to be slightly offended, I mean changed from what? Changed how? But then I realised I was proud that I had.  I do not want to be the same as I was ten, five or even 2 years ago.  We don't build our dream by not changing. 

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