How much time is your health worth?

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Quick Fix?  Or Forever Fix?  What is your approach to your own health?

Delayed gratification is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you actually have to wait for something. 

If you want something people just go and get it.

The fast and packaged food industry does this to the extreme

The internet & online shopping world brings things closer than ever before. 

The pace of modern life is fast, and what are you if your not busy? Like are you even doing anything? Busy is the norm, a badge of honour to show our importance. Repeat after me...IM SOOOO BUSY

This attitude, this too busy to make time for what matters,  to eat right, to heal our sick bodies, this needs to stop.  Now. 

First, being sooooo busy does not make you magically more important nor will it be the status that is worth anything in the end.   Stop being so busy, start doing the things you want to do, the things that matter to you.  The things that make you feel good, the things that make not only you well but your family and loved ones well too.

And about that quick fast immediate need for stuff. Whatever said stuff might be. Is it really making our lives any richer, or is it just filling them with more things that we appreciate less because we never yearned for them, we never waited for him.  Did I say him? I meant them, whoops. 

The same I believe is true of the health industry, particularly when it comes to the forever growing and over saturated diet world. 
We don’t want to work hard for our health.
We want results now.
We want to change our body by next month.
We want that quick fix.
We want that instant gratification.

The thing with this is they are all quick fixes not forever fixes.   

Yes you might drop 4 kilos and fit that dress for something but you probably put 8 kilos back on after.   Yes you might heal something in the short term but what damage are you doing in the long term to your body?

Let me ask you this, if you are trying to lose say 5 kg, or 10 or even 20 do you think it is reasonable that weight you possibly gained over a year, two or even ten can be shed in a matter of weeks with some super shake or magic diet?  You didn't gain the weight overnight, you won't lose it safely and forever overnight either. 

The same goes for those of us who are living with a disease, illness or chronic condition.  Believe it or not you did not just wake up one day sick. 

The burden on your body has built over time until one day, one thing, or one exposure tips the edge of your bucket over and viola all those accumulated burdens explode into a health condition (or myriad of conditions like many of us).   It took time for your bucket to build to here, it will take time (and dare I say it) work to restore your health to where it was before, or to create the health you never even had in the first place.

What do I know?

I chased quick fixes for years, limiting the foods I ate, overexercising, following the next weird super shred program.  Did they work, I think I definitely had short term success (well I viewed it as success at the time, looking at some images now I am not as sure!) but in the end my health came crashing down at the end of that decade long pursuit of the quick fix.   

And what of now?

Three years after my bucket tipped itself over that day in April, I am still rebuilding a damaged gut, damaged not only from poor dietary choices but from poor lifestyle choices and a focus that squarely zoomed in on the short term quick fix.   

Despite the ongoing work to rebuild my health, I would say that I am the healthiest I have been, something which is not static as I am committed to continually building my health as part of building my life. 

I am playing the long game now.  Can you say you are?