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How I Traveled With Only 5kg and why you should too

Recently I have gotten pretty serious about reducing not only my single plastic use but my entire waste foot print on the planet.  Becoming more minimalistic seems to be a natural progression of living more consciously.  I realise I have a long way to go in my home life to be a minimalist but for me travelling as one is the perfect foray into to realising what I really need.

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Finding Balance in Berlin

Sometimes you can feel so out of balance you may as well be a fish out of water.  What defines us, what we each want, and more importantly what we all need is completely individual.  But the essence is the same, feeling unbalanced is disjointing and disruptive to a harmonious and productive lifestyle, in whatever context one’s harmony exists within.

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A Sensory Journey Through Morocco

Morocco is undoubtedly a special place, unlike anywhere I have been before and although I cannot be certain, unlike anywhere else I will visit.  It is an assault on the senses, some delightful, some surprising, and some definitely more difficult to adjust to.  This is my well overdue (I have been enjoying Berlin too much!) recount of my experiences as a digital nomad in Morocco.

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