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The 32 things I didn’t understand before.

Don’t worry thirty is the new twenty.  
Don’t worry life actually only begins at thirty.  Don’t worry, your still young. 
At thirty I heard all the goodies.   I even remember buying into some of these thought patterns, anxious about turning the page on a decade, and reassuring myself that thirty was not downhill so to speak.  The thing is - none of these things ring true to me and none of them allow us to own the pasts role in our present identity.  

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Finding Balance in Berlin

Sometimes you can feel so out of balance you may as well be a fish out of water.  What defines us, what we each want, and more importantly what we all need is completely individual.  But the essence is the same, feeling unbalanced is disjointing and disruptive to a harmonious and productive lifestyle, in whatever context one’s harmony exists within.

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