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The 32 things I didn’t understand before.

Don’t worry thirty is the new twenty.  
Don’t worry life actually only begins at thirty.  Don’t worry, your still young. 
At thirty I heard all the goodies.   I even remember buying into some of these thought patterns, anxious about turning the page on a decade, and reassuring myself that thirty was not downhill so to speak.  The thing is - none of these things ring true to me and none of them allow us to own the pasts role in our present identity.  

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My unedited, perfectly imperfect 'My Story'.

My health journey is more than just the physical, for me it has been a psychological one too, and is a journey that will continue for I believe that we should always be growing, changing and learning.   Lately someone told me I have changed, and while my initial instinct was to be slightly offended, I mean changed from what? Changed how? But then I realised I was proud that I had.  I do not want to be the same as I was ten, five or even 2 years ago.  We don't build our dream by not changing. 

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