The 32 things I didn’t understand before.

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Don’t worry thirty is the new twenty.  

Don’t worry life actually only begins at thirty.  Don’t worry, your still young. 

At thirty I heard all the goodies.  

I even remember buying into some of these thought patterns, anxious about turning the page on a decade, and reassuring myself that thirty was not downhill so to speak.  

The thing is - none of these things ring true to me and none of them allow us to own the pasts role in our present identity.  

Thirty is not the new twenty.  
Life does not begin at thirty. 
And thank fuck for that.

I see life as a collection of moments, moments that string themselves together to create experiences; experiences that all (regardless of the nature) form the uniqueness that is our journey, and our soul.    

My thirties can’t be what they have been or what they will become without all that came in my twenties.

Wishing this was then is not for me, I much prefer the now.

32 is pretty fucking fabulous and here is why.

32 things I didn’t know before... 

1.  You do not need everyone to like you
 If someone doesn’t like you, what happens? Nothing. Exactly. 

2. Change is to be embraced not feared.
Uncertainty is not something to fear, growth happens in this space.  Embrace it. 

3. The past has no bearing on the future. 
 What has been cannot be changed, it does not predict what is to come - only distracts you by always looking backward. 

4. Honesty Trumps. 
 Simply - telling the truth.  It matters.

5. It’s okay to still be figuring it out.  
 You don’t need all the answers today, or tomorrow. Anyone who says they aren’t still figuring it out is lying. 

6. Things do not hold value.
Value exists within the memories we create. 

7. Love is important. 
To have loved and lost is better to have never loved at all.  It’s not cliche it’s true. 

8. Love is not enough.
Actions speak louder than words, love alone does not conquer - we must also do. 

9. Love yourself before you love others.
Yes another cliche - but its fucking true. 

 10.  Worrying changes nothing. 
 Literally nothing, except maybe stealing your health and time. 

11. Live your passion.
 Find the thing you love and do it whenever you can.

12. Care less about what others think of you, or what you think they think. 
 People think far less about you than you think, you are not the centre of their story. 

13. Respect your health. 
 Without this nothing else matters. Nothing. 

14. Don’t be scared.
 It’s okay to not know everything, but don’t waste time being scared of things you cannot control. 

15. The biggest obstacle in life is you. 
 Self doubt is debilitating.  Believe in you. 

 16. Travel. Often and whenever you can. 
 Stop waiting for when, start doing it now. 

17. It’s okay to not know what you want to do, and its definitely okay to change your mind.
Never allow yourself to feel trapped and like its too late to change course - it’s never too late. 

18.  The best thing you can give someone is time. 
There is no gift that will ever trump this.  

19. You don’t need to drink all the time.  
 You don’t need to drink at all. 

20.  Instant gratification does not make you happier. 
It is okay to wait for something

21. Be kind to yourself. 
There are times when no one else will.  Kindness should always start with you. 

22. You cannot make someone love you the way you love them. 
Don’t stick around for what if, when you know you know. Trust your gut.

23. People are not thinking of you as much as you think.
You are not the centre of the universe, you are the lead in your story. 

24. Above all else, remain humble.
This will serve all you do.

25. Don’t forget those that loved you when you had nothing. 
Never forget. Always forgive. 

26. Don’t be afraid for relationships to end. 
We are not all meant to be together for life, this goes for all kinds of relationships. 

27. Eat Chocolate. 
Enjoy it, don’t feel guilty.  It nourishes the soul. 

28.  Do what serves you. 
Not in a selfish way., by you should be your number one advocate - do what is best for you.

29.  Be fucking present. 
Be here and be all here.

30. Forgive yourself easily. 
Learn from it, accept it and then move forward.

31.  Be grateful. 
 Acknowledge all that you have, not all you do not.

33. You are enough.
No - You are fucking epic.

Sunset on echo beach as I wrote this post.

Sunset on echo beach as I wrote this post.