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How you eat matters as much as what you eat.

There is constant bombardment on what to eat, why to eat it and when to eat it - and let's be honest there is so much conflicting information out there, what you find will depend on what you search for.  Eat only meat, eat no meat, eat paleo, eat ancestral, eat keto, eat bananas only, eat nothing drink it all...seriously whatever you are looking for you will find. 

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Leaky Gut Explained In One Post

I remember the first time leaky gut was suggested to me, I’d heard of it in passing several times but never understood it or realised just how common and easy it is to actually have.  A Leaky gut can cause digestive upset, is linked to creating allergies, and I believe is a likely contributor to auto-immune diseases (which makes some sense when you realise that 80% of your immune system lives in your gut).  

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That Four Letter F Word

We as a society have moved so far past using food for the reasons it was intended, for the reasons our ancestors ate - fuel, satiation and to sustain life. We eat for any and all number of reasons now.   We eat for happiness, we eat out of sadness, we eat out of boredom, we eat out of misguided cravings, we out of sheer plentfiulness.  I think it’s time to really start thinking about why we are eating as much as what we are eating.

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